How to Use the Kaloud Sitra Thermal Diffuser


Place Your Sitra in your Samsaris or other compatible Hookah Bowls

The Sitra Star should sit loosely in the center of the bowl. If using a Kaloud Samsaris bowl, it should fill the area around the Samsaris spire.


Pack your Shisha or Hookah Tobacco until the Sitra Blades are no longer visible in your Hookah Bowl

Use your favorite flavor or mixture of hookah shisha or tobacco. Pack loosely or densely, but ensure the shisha fills the bowl just to the top of the Samsaris spire.


Place your Lotus or other Hookah Heat Management Device (Hookah HMD) on the Samsaris and wait 5-10 minutes

We recommend 10 minutes… it is worth it, we promise! The Sitra will diffuse heat from the HMD to better cook the Shisha, leading to smoother, thicker, and more flavorful clouds.


Enjoy those sweet sweet clouds.