How To Use the Kaloud Samsaris Hookah Bowls


Pack the Kaloud Samsaris Hookah Bowl

Pack the tobacco up to the center spire of the Samsaris hookah bowl. You can use a denser pack or a fluffier pack. How you pack your tobacco is entirely up to your personal preference and taste. We encourage you to experiment with the amount and density of the shisha pack to discover your preferred strength and recipe.


Place the Lotus heat management device on the Samsaris Hookah Bowl

Put the Kaloud Lotus heat management on top of the Kaloud Samsaris and arrange the heated charcoal inside the base. We recommend the Kaloud Aura premium hookah charcoal, crafted from the finest Indonesian Coconuts and specially formulated to give the cleanest, most consistent, heat available.


Adjust the Vents to Regulate Heat as Necessary.

There are three recommended ways to manage shisha heat levels with the Lotus I+ hookah heat management device. Keeping the lid off will produce the least amount of heat. Having the lid on with the vents open delivers medium heat. Shutting the vents will create the most heat. As the heat increases so does the density of the smoke. However, you need to be careful not to apply too much heat, or the tobacco will taste burnt and potentially sting the back of your throat. Depending on the type of Samsaris hookah bowl you own, your experience will be slightly different. The ceramic Samsaris Lapis hookah bowls take the longest to develop heat. We recommend waiting at least ten minutes before smoking. The glass Samsaris hookah bowls take anywhere from five to ten minutes, while the aluminum Samsaris hookah bowls will take five minutes to heat up with the charcoal. You can add or remove hookah charcoal to achieve the perfect hookah experience for your taste. We advise that you use a pair of hookah charcoal tongs like the Vestara when handling the heated charcoal or adjusting the heat levels on your Lotus heat management device.


Cleaning the Samsaris Hookah Bowls

Samsaris hookah bowls should be rinsed with hot water after every shisha session to prevent tobacco build up. You can air dry or towel dry the Samsaris bowls. When a deeper cleaning is needed, simply rinse the Samsaris hookah bowl with warm water and gently scrub it with a soft sponge and dish soap. The Kaloud Samsaris is not dishwasher safe, so please stick to manual cleaning only.